Is your accountant a Chartered Accountant?

Did you know ANYONE can call themselves an accountant?

There are accountants, and then there are Chartered Accountants (CA)

Chartered Accountants have completed years of study, ongoing training and belong to a professional body that ensures CA’s comply with the highest ethical and professional standards.

This means they:

  • Have undertaken a significant amount of study and practical experience to gain their membership status
  • Maintain a high level of skill, knowledge and competence in their area as a result of their ongoing training and learning requirements
  • Are subject to disciplinary procedures and periodic reviews
  • Are bound by a code of Ethics and are required to follow professional standards

To offer services to the public as a Chartered Accountant you must meet additional criteria and hold a Certificate of Public Practice.

As Chartered Accountants we are happy to be subject to these requirements as we feel it gives you peace of mind that we provide a higher level of expertise and experience to get the job done right.

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