Phone Scam Alert!

If anybody calls you from IRD requesting personal information, please do not provide the information directly to the phone caller. Call the IRD using the 0800 number provided on the official IRD website. DO NOT use the number they give you.

We have recently been advised of a situation where a person claiming to be from the IRD, has phoned up a tax payer requesting personal information to be disclosed.

When the tax payer requested a number to call back to provide the requested information, a phone number was provided that had been previously linked with scammers.

This is what the IRD say about tax related scams:

Beware of tax related scams

Inland Revenue will never send you an email requesting you to confirm, update or disclose confidential details through an unsecure channel such as email.

You should always independently verify the source and the target url before taking any action. If you receive a suspicious communication of this nature, do not respond to it or follow any links. Forward it to