New staff for a new financial year

New Staff - Welcome aboard!

Senior Accountant - April Close

We are delighted to announce the recent appointment of April Close to our team.

April is a high achieving Chartered Accountant and we are truly stoked to have her join our ranks to fill the role of Senior Accountant. April brings with her a wealth of experience and no shortage of accomplishments.

April is also an active community member - Treasurer with Levin Toastmasters, Committee Member of the Manawatu CAANZ Young Accountants’ Group and Co-founder of the Horowhenua New Professionals Networking Group! We regard these closely aligned qualities as highly complementary and integral to our own values here at Davis & Co.

April does of course find time for her own passions and pursuits too, so don’t be surprised if you see her on a ski slope, out for a hike, travelling and exploring or experimenting and enjoying some tasty kai.

Davis & Co now offering HR support

We also welcome Melanie Davis to our team. She brings a huge amount of HR experience and knowledge to the Davis & Co Team. In the next newsletter we will detail how Melanie can assist you with the people part of your business.

Congratulations - Kelly Smith, BAcc

We hope you will join us in congratulating Kelly who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy. We couldn't be prouder of Kelly who achieved this whilst working and bringing up a young family. Way to go Kelly.

Changes in Davis & Co

From this week, we are adding an extra layer to our current staffing levels. We have engaged an outsourcing company to provide our existing and hard working Team with some additional support. You won't necessarily notice but our Team sure will!

Be assured that our Davis & Co Team will make sure all work completed by the outsourcing company has our 'stamp of approval'.

Working from Home? Claim your home office expenses

If you have a home office for your business, you should be able to claim some of the costs involved in maintaining, owning and using your home. It’s important to be aware of what you can and can’t claim, and the record-keeping involved in making a claim.

How does it work?
In order to claim, the space you use must be used primarily for your business. This doesn’t mean setting up at the kitchen table from time to time, it means having a dedicated space that you work from. If you are selling online and storing stock, you may also be using other spaces in your house for storage or stock maintenance. If you are making or creating products, you may be using other areas like your kitchen or workshop.

Costs that you might be able to claim include:
- home office equipment
- repairs to the home office or work-related furniture and equipment
- cleaning expenses
- any other day-to-day running expenses for your home office.
You may also be able to claim the costs of some trips in your car if these are from your home office to other locations where you are carrying out business.

Keeping track of your costs
Make sure you keep a record of all your expenses. It’s important to keep your personal and business expenses separate. Consider using online accounting software so the paperwork is kept in good order.

We can help you review your home office expenses to make sure these are included when you claim.

Talk to us, we can help.

Please be aware ...

We’ve been advised by banks we work with that there is a new email fraud scheme circulating that involves payroll. We’d like to make you aware of what to look out for.

What’s happening?
The employer receives an email that appears to be from their employee. The email requests that the employer changes the employee’s bank account details in the payroll system for salary/wages payment. If the employer changes the bank account details, then the money is paid to the offender.

What you should do to prevent the fraud
We recommend that you carefully check any requests to ensure that they definitely came from your employee.

What you should do if you discover fraud has occurred
If you discover that this fraud has taken place within your company, you should immediately advise your bank.

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